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Lu Zielinski Performance Reel 
"Never Fall in Love with an Elf"- Elf
Photos/Videos: Selected Work


"You like me! You really like me!"

On Ken Ludwig's Baskerville

"Arguably, Lu, is the starring gem of the show.  Scene after quickly changing scene she tirelessly and sometimes raucously, and always charmingly, melds into every one of her characters.  Delightfully, she owns them all!"- Robert Score

On Nunsense 

"Zielinski is a stand out vocally, especially in her big Act I number 'So You Want to be a Nun' which requires her to sing in several different voices and styles in rapid succession. She is also amusingly goggle-eyed at the world she so mysteriously finds herself in."- Gail Burns

On To Kill A Mockingbird

"The plot and pertinent issues of the story’s development are narrated by a grown, adult Scout, portrayed convincingly by an appealing Lu Zielinski.  Her ability dramatically, to observe the action and contribute convincing comments to enrich and clarify the sequence of events is essential to the play’s success...It's on her face, in her voice and a part of her slightest movements.  She is so in love!  It's so refreshing.  There's no escaping, no refuting.  She is head over heals in love with theatre and acting. " -Joe DiBello

On Mary Poppins

"A noticeable portion of its humor and its fun are compacted into the role of Mrs. Corry, astutely delivered by Lu Zielinski. Her demonstrated ability to represent the mysterious proprietor of the Talking Shop, where conversations, letters and gingerbread are sold is a highlight of the Forestburgh production."- Joe DiBello

On Steel Magnolias 

"As Anelle, Lu Zielinski’s poker-faced, wide-eyed delivery was spot on in Act I, as was her transformation into a religious, yet 'true smart-ass.' She was a joy to watch."-Keith Dougherty

On Young Frankenstein

"Lu Zielinski (Elizabeth Benning), who also shines brightly, commanding the stage and her moments in the spotlight with great comic timing, Carol Burnett looks, style, and a big Broadway voice."-Joe DiBello

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